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Motivate Healthy Habits

A Mutual Aid and Self-help guidebook for you, your family and friends with learning exercises, examples and stories.
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Motivational Practice

A guidebook for lay health guides & professionals. Learn professional skills for everyday life.
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"Be the change that you wish to use in the world"



The major influences that shaped the development of the MHH books and online learning programs include: the Transtheoretical Model of Change (Jim Prochaska and Carlos DiClemente), Motivational Interviewing (William Miller and Steve Rollnick), Self-determination Theory (Ed Deci and Rich Ryan), the concept of Self-efficacy (Albert Bandura), Relapse Prevention (Allan Marlatt), and Solution-based Therapy (Steve De Shazer).

Motivational Practice builds on the shoulders of these cutting-edge theorists, researchers and clinicians. The scope of motivational practice extends from self-directed journaling, online learning programs and semi-structured discussions (individual and group) through to coaching and in-depth counseling. The MHH and MHHJ guidebooks deploy a semi-structured process to create reflective learning experiences for individuals. This mutual aid and self-help process enables them to use their strengths, wisdom and social supports more effectively in changing their behavior. In addition, this approach can prepare and identify those people who need a health guide or behavioral change specialist, who can skillfully use reflective listening and provide coaching and/or in-depth counseling. Use these guidebooks to help build a grassroots movement and promote healthy habits.

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