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Motivate Healthy Habits

A Mutual Aid and Self-help guidebook for you, your family and friends with learning exercises, examples and stories.
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Motivational Practice

A guidebook for lay health guides & professionals. Learn professional skills for everyday life.
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Consultant Services

Corporate Consultant/Advisor

Enquire about blended learning programs (online courses, workshops and telephonic sessions) for corporations, lay and professional organizations, foundations and community organizations that provide clinical and educational services and/or conduct research and evaluation studies. Consultant services include the following organizations:

  • Corporations such as Pfizer Health Solutions, America Healthways, McKesson, Corp Health, Magellan, Hummingbird Coaching, and Weyco.
  • Robert Wood Johnson, Carlisle Health and Folkhalsen Foundations
  • Community agencies, such as Women's health groups, American Heart Association, and Monroe County Agencies for the Elderly

Clinical and Educational Trainer

Enquire about blended learning programs (online courses, workshops and telephonic sessions) on motivational practice for faculty development, train the trainers, practitioners and students.

This work focuses on enhancing the learning process for

  • Medical students and physicians
  • Nurses, nurse practitioners, and care/case managers
  • Physician assistants
  • Public health workers
  • Dieticians and diabetic health educators
  • Counselors and health educators
  • Wellness coaches and lay health guides

Professional presentations include: the Institute of Health Improvement, Disease Management Association of American, Disease Management Congress, Disease Management Colloquium, International Society of Behavioral Medicine, Wonca (an international organization for family physicians), Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, American Academy of Family Practice, American Academy of Health Behaviors, Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine, and the Society of Reproductive Health.

Public Speaker

Enquire about public speaking engagements for Womens' Conferences, Community Organizations, non-profit organizations, town forums, EPA programs, peer coaching and lay health organizations.

Process Researcher

Inquire about complex process innovations for changing practitioner and patient behavior, with the goal of promoting healthy habits and self-care of chronic diseases. To assess the impact of these motivational innovations in educational/clinical outcomes studies, I seek collaboration with academic institutions, disease management and health care organizations, employer groups, wellness organizations, and educational and clinical researchers. I have worked on both training and clinical grants and would welcome opportunities working as a co-investigator or consultant.


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