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Motivate Healthy Habits

A Mutual Aid and Self-help guidebook for you, your family and friends with learning exercises, examples and stories.
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Motivational Practice

A guidebook for lay health guides & professionals. Learn professional skills for everyday life.
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"Be the change that you wish to use in the world"


Free Resources

1. Download Free Chapters

  • Motivational Practice-Introduction Click here
  • Motivate Healthy Habits-Introduction Click here
  • Challenge of Implementing Comprehensive Behavior
    Change Programs
    • Exploring How World Views Affect Our Approaches to Behavior Change Click here
    • Exploring Different Kinds of Evidence Click here

2. Begin the process of exploring deep change

Using a decision balance (Click here) to clarify your issues about behavior change. Learn how your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and values affect your prospects of change. Pick an unhealthy behavior. Respond to each question in four quadrants of the decision balance.
Listen here to an example of this process

Rate Your Resistance and Motivation to Change

Use a 0-10 scale (0=not important and 10=very important) to rate your overall reasons to stay the same (left-hand column) and to change (right-hand column). Does your score for the reasons to stay the same represent how you
  A) Think
  B) Feel
  C) Think and Feel?

This process can help you give a score for your resistance to change based on how you think and feel. Now repeat the same process for your reasons to change.

3. Motivate "Resistant" Smokers - Helping Practitioners Develop Individualized Interventions

Watch a video of a practitioner helping a patient move from not thinking about quitting to thinking about it, in three steps:

Task 1: Clarify Issues about Change
Task 2: Lower Patient Resistance
Task 3: Enhance Patient Motivation

A method-focused demonstration will show how patients can assess their perceptions about change, after each task. This process can help you develop new skills, but it does not demonstrate how to be truly patient-centered. With practice, you can expand your range and depth of skills to develop the art of dialogue, so that patients become engaged in the change process over time. To begin viewing or listening, please select from the options listed:

To begin viewing or listening, please select from the options listed:

Task 1 in Windows Media format
Task 1 in RealPlayer format
Task 1 Windows Media "audio-only" format

4. Sample the MHH online program

Enroll here and experience the learning process!


5. Additional Resources

Download PDA, Power Point Slides and Handouts


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