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Motivate Healthy Habits

A Mutual Aid and Self-help guidebook for you, your family and friends with learning exercises, examples and stories.
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Motivational Practice

A guidebook for lay health guides & professionals. Learn professional skills for everyday life.
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"Be the change that you wish to use in the world"


Online Course -
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Motivational Practice


How can you expect others to change their behaviors if you cannot change yourself, personally and professionally? First, learn how to improve your health habits and change your professional role, assumptions and mental maps (ways of thinking).


Initiate the process of developing a portfolio for lifelong learning.
Prepare yourself for engaging people in "change" dialogues
Enhance your skills at developing individualized interventions for patients/clients


Change Your Professional Role and Assumptions
  • Understand what to do when giving information and advice doesn't work
  • Contrast the "fix-it" and motivational role
  • Adapt a role to meet patient's needs
  • Become aware of assumptions
Understand Individual Change
  • Understand internal and external forces affecting change
  • Understand resistance
  • Understand motivation
  • Understand a six-step approach to address behavior change
Help Patients Change Using a Six-step Approach
  • Build partnerships
  • Negotiate an agenda
  • Assess resistance and motivation
  • Enhance mutual understanding
  • Implement a plan
  • Follow through
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Specific Examples
  • Reduce Alcohol Intake
  • Quit Tobacco Products
  • Improve Diabetes Self-care
  • Change diet, exercise and reduce weight

Methods of Self-directed and Asynchronous Learning

Use the PARE improvement cycle to develop your learning portfolio.
  • P = Preparation--set at a timetable to read the book chapters.
  • A = Action--read a chapter.
  • R = Reflection--write a brief note (in 250 words or less) about what you learned that was new for you.
  • E = Enhance--write down your ideas (100 words or less) about you can improve working with patients based on your new learning,.

Share learning notes on the discussion board and respond to your colleagues' notes in your work cluster.


Summarize what you

Learned from the book review and cluster (500 work abstract) Plan to do for enhancing your clinical practice Valued about participating in an online community of motivational practice.


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