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Motivate Healthy Habits

A Mutual Aid and Self-help guidebook for you, your family and friends with learning exercises, examples and stories.
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Motivational Practice

A guidebook for lay health guides & professionals. Learn professional skills for everyday life.
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"Be the change that you wish to use in the world"


Experience the MHH Learning Process

Become the researcher of your own behavior change. Go beyond-

  • Surface change: gaining knowledge, having good intentions, setting goals and developing skills
  • Deep change: exploring your feelings, perceptions, motives and values

Explore deep change to understand more about your emotional resistance to change. To begin this process of developing personal evidence about change, pick any unhealthy habit.

Use the decision balance to enhance your awareness about how your feelings (or the avoidance of them), perceptions, motives and values shape your behavior. Do the learning exercises (in the guidebooks or the MHH online course) and apply change concepts on yourself. Do self-assessments to document your perceptions about behavior change and provide feedback to yourself, with or without help from others. This process encourages you to explore and confront your issues about change. It takes courage and emotional work to address dis-ease generated by this exploratory process.

For most people, changing from unhealthy to healthy habits takes time, reflection and the revisiting of issues. The quote below emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy habits.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. "

Zig Ziglar

Yes, it takes motivational practice to develop new automatic behaviors, just like brushing your teeth


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